Na Na Na Studio is an animation duo formed by Léon Moh-Cah and Andi Concha. 
Specialised in 2D, they make character-driven films to communicate ideas and tell stories. 
Their collaboration started over a year ago after sharing a workspace at the Royal College of Art, where they met. Born from two different backgrounds, Na Na Na’s approach combines a colourful design from Andi’s side with an observational filmmaking perspective from Léon’s side. Andi and Léon mix and twist their practice with a minimalistic aesthetic where both identities can be perceived. 
In the past year, they worked for international clients such as BBC, TED-Ed, Aeon, Zocom, VEED.IO, S&D...
Andi Concha 
is a Spanish animation director who specialises in character-based work.
She started off her career with a BA in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins, where she developed interactive projects that allowed her to explore the world of moving images. Her graduation project called ‘ChairAXJ01’ was showcased at the London Design Festival and the V&A amongst other galleries in London. 
Later she worked as a junior designer in technology-based companies where, given the freedom to experiment, she found her love for animation and took an MA at the Royal College of Art. 
Ever since, she has been working commercially for clients such as the BBC, The New York Times, Inditex and the London Brain Project among many others. She has also directed music videos for national and international bands. 
Léon Moh-Cah 
is a French animation director specialised in frame-by-frame.
She took the habit of carrying a sketchbook in her bag since she started studying art in 2010. Thanks to her daily drawings and her fascination for routine, she gradually was able to translate her observations into animations, comics and illustrations, using various traditional mediums that she enjoys appropriating to fit her minimalist graphic style and digital animation.
Her 3 short films (Tea Time, Culture Broth and Ni vu ni connu), screened at multiple festivals, won a few awards across the world. 
After studying at the Royal College of Art, she was approached by clients such as Arte, Ted and Aeon to direct and animate commissioned films. 
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